Portfolio Entry * 9 - Thesis Statement-

Thesis Statement
How to write a thesis statement?
What is it?
This is the single,specific claim that your essay supports. It includes a topic, a determine opinion, and reasoning. It is an arguable statement, and it is the point of your paper.
Which are its parts?
It has three main parts:
the subject → the topic of the  essay
the precise opinion → your opinion on the topic of the essay, your claim, what you think about the topic.
the blueprint of reasons → your strong pieces of evidence to support your opinion. In other words, your reasons to support your claim. At least, there should be three reasons. They can be listed at the end of the statement, at the beginning of it, or in the next sentence. In addition, they persuade the reader to believe your claim.
Moreover, they will be developed in the body of your essay. You will provide detailed examples for each piece of evidence and explain what you mean about each piece of evidence.

Entry *8 - Literary essay- I am not like you...do I deserve ill-treatment?

I am not like you...do I deserve ill-treatment?
Differences among people have always been a reason for ill treatment, discrimination, solitude, sadness and not belonging. They can be tied to a variety of matters, but they all conclude with the same, negative feelings. However, differences are what make people be special and unique, but it is a well-known subject that human beings cannot deal with differences without making the other person feel that he does not belong. This notion of not belonging, as a result of dissimilarities among people, is reflected in some well-known singers’ lyrics such as U2 and Sting.
In the song, “They dance alone”, written by Sting. He presents the consequences of a hard period in Chile in which many men and women were kidnapped and murdered because of belonging to a different political party. As a result of this, Sting sings about women who are dancing alone with portraits of their loved ones. By means of this song, you get how the fact of being different m…

Portfolio entry 7* From paragraph to essay

Which aspects should you bear in mind when writing a paragraph?
There are two important points you need to take into account. First, what a paragraph is and what a well written paragraph is made up of. Second, there are different types of paragraphs. This means that you need to know which type of paragraph you will focus on. Consequently, it is important to know their main characteristics. A paragraph is a self-contained unit which deals with a particular point or idea, and it is made up of sentences which can have four general functions. First, they can function as paragraph introducers which establish the topic focus of the paragraph as a whole. Second, they can function as paragraph developers, which present examples or details of various kinds that support the ideas set forth by the paragraph introducers. Third, they can function as modulator or transition sentences. They provide a smooth transition between different sets of ideas. Fourth, they can function as terminator or restatem…

Portfolio entry 6 - Well written paragraphs- 2nd part-

Topic sentence

 Many politicians deplore the passing of the old family-sized farm, but I'm not so sure.

I saw around Velva a release from what was like slavery to the tyrannical soil, release from the ignorance that darkens the soul and from the loneliness that corrodes it. In this generation my Velva friends have rejoined the general American society that their pioneering fathers left behind when they first made the barren trek in the days of the wheat rush. As I sit here in Washington writing this, I can feel their nearness. (from Eric Sevareid, "Velva, North Dakota")


Sevareid argues that farming is destructive as a way of life, no matter what romantic notions are attached to it. He is not writing about the productivity of farms, about his own life story ("I grew up on a family-sized farm..."), and his main point is not that people moved away from the cities in the late the nineteenth century.

 2.  Topic sentence:

There are two broad theories concern…

Portfolio entry 6 - Well written paragraph - 1st part-

Parts of a paragraph

Paragraphs may have specific kind of structures which can vary from one culture to another.The English paragraph structure is underlined the following features: Topic sentence, Body and Closing sentence.Topic sentence
Subject, what you are writing aboutYou need an interesting topic and give your opinion of itBody
Heart of the paragraphGive more information about the topic in a specif orderProvide supportive, solid and concrete details and arguments. You can order them by order of importance or chronologyClosing sentence
Its goal is to keep the readers thinkingRemind in the audience what you are talking aboutRestate the topic sentence in a different way and add something else about it

Parts of a Paragraph - English Academic Writing Introduction, from English Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexESLvid) site: 

Portfolio entry 5 - Oral & Written assignment

Choosing the linguistic features from daiana de los santos

Group presentation on "Speaking", based on the book: Celce-Murcia, M. & Olshtain, E. (2000): Discourse and Context in Language Teaching. A   Guide for Language Teachers. Chapters 6, 7, 8 &; 9. U.K.: CUP.

Portfolio entry # 4

Cargando… BOOK: Yule, G (2016). The Study of Language. Chapters 10 & 11 . U.K.: CUP.